ZOV Solutions Introduces SID 4 – Next Generation Comprehensive General Insurance Software Platform


ZOV Solutions Introduces SID 4

Next Generation Comprehensive General Insurance Software Platform


ZOV Solutions today announced the release of the 4th major version of its comprehensive software solution for non-life insurance – SID.

Completely redesigned user experience featuring web, mobile and desktop interface, a powerful Analytics Server and ability to run in the cloud are just few of the innovations SID 4 brings to the product. With this new version of SID, ZOV embraces the latest technology advances and blends them with its rich domain expertise. The result is a modern, scalable and resilient enterprise system with wide breadth of functionality and unparalleled flexibility.

Veselin Barakov, Director of ZOV Solutions, commented on the significant new features introduced with SID 4:

Meticulously Designed User Experience

We have put a lot of effort in crafting and refining the SID 4 user experience. From the sleek, beautiful design across the UI, to the all-new fully customizable home screen, SID 4 is a pleasure to work with. For SID’s home screen, we have created an amazing dashboard featuring analytics charts and shortcuts to frequently used functions. Even more, this dashboard is fully customizable, so you can adapt it and shape it to meet your needs, bringing a level of personalization and context awareness more frequently seen in modern social networks than in enterprise systems.

On the Edge of the Technology Wave

In SID 4, we have leveraged the latest paradigms shifts and advancements in technology, to build a system that adapts and reacts to the ever-increasing pace of technology and business needs. Not only is SID 4 built on top of a cutting edge technology now, but we used our decades of experience and the latest methodologies to make sure it will stay on the edge of the technology wave in the future. Thanks to this mindset, ingrained into the very fabric of the system, today SID 4 runs on plethora of devices, bringing your context, data and functionality where you need it and when you need it – be it on the screen of your iPhone or Android device, to your tablet, laptop or desktop workstation.

Unparalleled Operations Flexibility

SID 4 shines particularly bright when it comes to infrastructure and operations. SID 4’s extreme flexibility makes it possible to run the system in environments starting from a single computer all-in-one deployment to a cluster of tens, or even hundreds, of machines running behind a load balancer, on premise or in the cloud. SID 4 adopts many of the industry’s best practices and patterns to achieve amazing ops capabilities including:

  • Ability to scale horizontally to clusters containing hundreds of machines, running on commodity hardware and software;
  • Ability to run in the cloud (we use Microsoft Azure as our cloud infrastructure of choice), leveraging the world’s state of the art infrastructure in an extremely cost effective way;
  • Ability to fit in any existing infrastructure and network topology – the way we designed SID 4 ensures that it can run in pretty much any environment that can host .NET;
  • Ability to scale parts of the system independently, based on business needs – you can partition the server cluster to reflect your business needs and then scale only those parts that need to be scaled;
  • Ability to continue operation and recover from failures – if a node fails, the system continues to function with remaining nodes taking the load. SID 4 will also detect and work around load balancer failures and nodes will continue to function normally, balancing the load among them.

These features make SID 4 suitable for deployments ranging from small offices up to large data center-hosted installations both on-premise or in the cloud, offering the same level of resiliency, flexibility and efficiency at optimal cost.

Powerful Analytics and Business Intelligence Tools

With hundreds of reports and extracts in various formats, ready to use and built right into the system, combined with a flexible framework for creating new ones, SID has always empowered its users with powerful BI and analytics instruments. Building on this foundation and armed with the real-world experience we’ve gained from operating in a dozen European markets, we now introduce a whole new Analytics Server that is the infrastructural backbone of the SID 4 BI system. Engineered with the same principles in mind, the Analytics Server is as flexible as the rest of SID 4, being able to scale from a single node (in an all-in-one setup) to a cluster of hundreds of machines, bringing amazing scalability and performance to SID reporting.